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About Us

With the world’s current technological and globalized shift, freelancing is here to stay. With each passing year, this phenomenon is gaining steam, culminating (so far) in over 14 million “freelancers”. This number more than triples when you include the rest of the world.

With as much effort and capital that is being pumped into this facet of the economy, there is no entity providing support and stability to the millions that are currently traversing this space. Without an established support system, the freelancer is forced to handle more aspects of his business than he/she is capable of.

This is where we come in. QuiGig will become a safe haven for freelancers that are currently being monetarily and administratively exploited. As we continue to grow, our focus will remain on helping the users of the platform before raising our bottom dollar.

One of the ways we are doing this is through the sale of our platform currency, Quigs. Not only will you immediately be able to use Quigs on our platform as a freelancer or a customer, but you will have a personal hand in our growth, helping us build the supporting infrastructure needed for a changing global economy.

About Quigig

Hear from our fearless leader about why QuiGig is important and why you should invest today.

What are Quigs

Learn about the uses, benefits, and unique features of Quigs.

What we Offer

Quickness - Security - Quality - Confidence - Support


Q1 2018

Beta version of QuiGig launched.

Q2 2018

QuiGig launched, Service Pages live, Alpha of mobile app launched

Q3 2018

Crowdfunding campaign complete, Provider Screening launched, On-site payments for providers launched

Q4 2018

Data-Driven Assistance Implementation, Beta of mobile app launched, Same Day Deposit launched

Q2 2019

Professional Development Process started, Large Scale Data Implementation active, 100k users, 50k internationally, Blockchain Implementation

Q4 2019

Data-Driven Assistance Implementation complete, Professional Development Process beta launched, 250k users, 100k internationally, presence in all 50 US states


Professional Development Programs launched, 3m users, 2m internationally


10m users, 7m internationally


50m users, 40m internationally

Our Team

The QuiGig team is dedicated to creating the best platform
for you to get #gigsdonequick.
  • Emad Mousavi, Ph.D.
    Founder & CEO
  • Anil Kumar
    Lead Developer
  • Cliff Sarcona
    SEO Strategist
  • Tai Bonilla
    Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Bahareh Navabzadeh
    Data Analyst
  • Hossein Ghodsi
    Product Manager
  • Sadegh Aryanpanah
    Partnership Programs
  • Marshall Hitipeuw
    Content Manager
  • Suraj Batavia
    Digital Media Specialist
  • Kamlesh Singh
    Front End Developer
  • Rajvir Singh
    .Net Developer
  • Mangal Singh
    Android Developer
  • Shilpa Rani
    Quality Analyst
  • Ashutosh Dadhich
    iOS Developer


  • Heidar Malki, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

    University Relations

  • Azam Zariff
    Data Anaylist at INVESTOFY

    Blockchain and Crypto Assets

  • Ken Wisnefski.
    CEO of Webimax

    Marketing Strategy

  • Sadegh Tabatabaei-Yazdi, Ph.D.
    CEO at Dorna Robotics

    AI & Machine Learning

  • Amin Vahdat, Ph.D.
    Managing Consultant at IBM

    Investor Relations

  • Hossein Tabatabaei, Ph.D.
    Postdoc at Coordinated Science Laboratory

    Blockchain Analysis

  • Mahdi Ebrahimi, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Marketing

    Marketing Strategy

  • Mehdi Maadooliat, Ph.D.
    Faculty Member at Marquette University


  • Mohammadreza Ostadalimakhmalbaf
    Assistant Director at CECERLAB

    Workforce Development

  • Chad Shultz
    Founder of StartUps CPA

    Financial Management Strategist

  • Lora Alexander
    Attorney at NASD

    Securities Attorney


Because people use it to quickly hire for a gig. We are building a platform that is simple to use, quick, and vastly different from what currently exists. “QuiGig” is the perfect fit for the type of platform we would like to become.
Quig is the platform currency you will use to perform actions on QuiGig. You will need Quigs to get gigs, hire for them, or even communicate with the professionals on the platform
As a freelancer, you have many reasons to use our platform instead of the others. The first is the relatively low cost to you. You do not have to pay to use the platform; its completely free to create your profile. Additionally, it is so much more cost-effective to reach out to potential customers, and you are able to gain information and real-time insights available only on QuiGig.
As a customer, there is one very simple reason - you will find the cheapest quotes on QuiGig. Our unique bidding system and our low platform fees allow freelancers to offer lower prices and retain the same revenue that they are used to. Again, sign up is completely free!
Contact Us
7505 Fannin Street , Houston
Texas 77054
T: +1 (713) 999-5338
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